Tanah Rata & The Cameron Highlands

Bus to Tanah Rata

The Cameron Highlands is a mountain “hill station” developed by Scottish colonialists in the 1920’s. It owes its popularity as a tourist destination to the cool climate, beautiful scenery, agriculture, and diverse natural plants and wildlife. The only way to get to the Cameron Highlands is by road. We took an early morning bus from Penang and arrived around 3pm in the mountains. There are several towns in the Cameron Highlands, with Tanah Rata as the main one.

2013-12-01 13.54.31
This Bus was Pretty Nice...
2013-12-01 13.54.23
View from the Bus Window
Homestay with Jaycee & Jessica at Do Chic In

Instead of staying at a hotel in Tanah Rata, we opted to do a homestay with Jaycee & Jessica at the Do Chic In. Staying in a house was a welcome change after months on the road in hostels and hotels. Their cooking was great, and the place was cozy. We also got to talk at length about the internal turmoils within Malaysian politics.

2013-12-02 11.54.19
Outside of Do Chic In, Our Homestay
2013-12-01 15.36.27
Our Room at Do Chic In
2013-12-02 10.08.44
Jaycee & Jessica's Living Room
2013-12-02 10.09.42
Dining Room
2013-12-01 15.35.43
Incredible View of the Jungle
2013-12-02 09.40.20
Breakfast of Champions
2013-12-02 19.04.43-2
Family Style Chinese Dinner
2013-12-03 08.36.49
Another Solid Breakfast
Scones at the Ye Olde Smokehouse Inn

Ye Olde Smokehouse Inn is a historic Scottish resort famous for its amazing scones. The Scots not only brought delicious scones to Malaysia, but also golf. Local stories tell of how the Scottish-built golf course in town would often have wild tiger footprints in the sand traps.

2013-12-01 16.15.08
Ye Olde Smokehouse Inn
2013-12-01 16.15.57
Garden at the Smokehouse
2013-12-01 16.25.27
Best Scones in the World? Probably.
2013-12-01 16.31.37
Lunch at the Smokehouse
2013-12-01 16.31.49
2013-12-01 17.31.05
Christmas Decorations!!
BOH Tea Plantation

BOH Tea is the largest black tea producer in Malaysia, and we visited their tea garden in the Cameron Highlands. The hilly tea fields are a beautiful vibrant green. Plantation workers still pluck the finest tea leaves completely by hand. They employ mechanized hand tools for the mass-market harvesting. The steep terrain makes all the tea harvesting a labor intensive process.

2013-12-03 11.14.38
BOH Tea Plantation in the Cameron Highlands
2013-12-02 12.12.18
Us in the Tea
2013-12-02 12.17.31
Tea Monster
2013-12-03 11.15.01
Panorama of Tea
2013-12-02 12.37.49
Linley Demonstrates Proper Tea Harvesting Technique

Beekeeping is another important industry in the Cameron Highlands. The honeybees back home in North America all belong to the species Apis Mellifera, the European Honeybee. Native to Malaysia are two other species of honeybee: Apis Cerana (the Asiatic Honeybee) and Apis Dorsata (the Giant Honeybee). We got to see hive boxes of Apis Cerana, but the Apis Dorsata bees only live in the wild. Also, we were able to try honey from both species of bees — yum!

2013-12-02 13.44.02
Beehive, Apis Mellifera
2013-12-02 14.49.58
Apis Cerana Beehive
2013-12-02 15.01.12
Jar of Honey from Wild Apis Dorsata Bees
Mossy Forest

The Mossy Forest hike is a walking trail on top of a mountain in the Cameron Highlands. The forest itself is largely untouched jungle habitat home to wild orchids, carnivorous pitcher plants, snakes, and even tigers. The road up to the Mossy Forest was very steep and windy, passing through the tea plantation. This made the ride a bit sketchy in our driver’s 1980’s-vintage Datsun. On a sunny day, you can see for miles from the lookout point — this visit was not sunny at all. Fierce winds, misty rainclouds, and cold temperatures are common up in the Malaysian mountain forests.

2013-12-03 11.16.20
The Road Up to the Mossy Forest
2013-12-03 11.15.25
Pausing for a Selfie in Tea Country
2013-12-03 10.08.59
Misty Mountaintop
2013-12-03 10.09.32
The Wind Up in the Tower was Out of Control

The Wind and Clouds, Viewed from the Watchtower

2013-12-03 10.36.14
Mossy Forest Walking Path
2013-12-03 10.44.07
Wild Pitcher Plant Growing Up in the Trees
2013-12-03 10.46.19-2
Another Peak
2013-12-03 10.23.48
James in the Mossy Forest
2013-12-03 10.24.02
Moss: Namesake of the Mossy Forest
2013-12-03 10.55.13
A Rare Cobra Orchid Growing in the Jungle

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