Kata Beach

We stayed in two places in Phuket, since the whole island is really large. Our first stop was Kata Beach. The main beach in Kata was very crowded — luckily, we discovered the mellower Kata Noi beach. Our hotel, Baan Hallehallo, was about a 15 minute walk to Kata’s main beach and another 15 minutes from there to Kata Noi.

2013-11-24 17.09.56
Kata Noi Beach
2013-11-25 17.22.03
Us at Kata Noi Beach
2013-11-26 12.49.40
Baan Hallehallo
2013-11-24 12.29.58
Our Room at Baan Hallehallo, More Like an Apartment
2013-11-25 19.17.31
James Tried the Fishy Foot Spa...
2013-11-25 19.19.29
Fishes at Work
2013-11-25 11.09.03
Breakfast at Our Favorite Spot in Kata Beach, Eightfold Restaurant
Kamala Beach

After a few days, we moved north to Kamala Beach, on the other side of Patong Beach. Our hotel here was more isolated, so we had to catch rides to the main beach and the closest restaurants. Our hotel was also near to the private beach at the 5-star Nakalay Bay Resort. Of course, we snuck in to see the crystal clear water!

2013-11-26 13.46.27
Our Room in Kamala Beach
2013-11-26 19.07.26
Pad Thai -- This Restaurant Had a Great View Over Patong Bay
2013-11-26 19.07.33
2013-11-26 19.11.52
More Curry
2013-11-26 19.44.00
2013-11-26 14.36.04
The Mountain Between Patong Beach and Kamala Beach
2013-11-26 14.33.58
Hoping to Catch a Songthaew to Kamala Beach...
2013-11-26 14.34.23
Elephant Crossing
2013-11-26 14.42.28
This Couple Gave Us a Ride in the Back of Their Truck
2013-11-26 16.11.36
Kamala Beach
2013-11-26 14.49.42
Canal in Kamala Beach Town
2013-11-26 17.22.19
Kamala Beach Town
2013-11-27 09.59.36
We Snuck Past Hotel Security to Nakalay Beach
2013-11-27 09.59.02-1
Us at Nakalay Beach
2013-11-27 09.59.30
Panorama of the Empty Nakalay Beach
2013-11-27 11.11.30
Crystal Clear Water in Nakalay Bay
A Crazy Ride

After Phuket, we needed to catch a short flight to Penang, Malaysia. We pre-arraigned a taxi to pick us up at our hotel in Kamala Beach. The driver ended up being nearly an hour late. He decided to drive crazy fast down the windy roads to make up some time, despite his nearly empty tank of gas. We were very nervous about missing our flight but soon this turned into fear for our lives. Luckily, we made it to the airport in one piece and barely on time to board the plane.

2013-11-27 13.36.20
Psycho Driver
2013-11-27 13.36.18
Are We Going to Die??

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