Mae Rim

Getting Out of Chiang Mai

Since Chiang Mai was filled with visitors for the Loy Krathong festival, we couldn’t find any accommodation in the city after our first hotel reservation expired. Plan B was heading one hour up into the nearby mountains to the town of Mae Rim. We stayed at the Mae Sa Valley Resort, and we were so glad we did! Mae Sa Valley is even higher up in the hills above Mae Rim town. There is a great stream with many waterfalls flowing down the valley, and the scenery is so lush and green.

2013-11-17 09.14.19
The Mae Sa Valley Resort
2013-11-16 16.30.01
Gazebo at Mae Sa Valley Resort
2013-11-17 15.44.01
This River Runs Down the Valley, Right Through the Hotel Grounds
2013-11-16 16.53.21
Green Thai Curry
2013-11-16 17.17.21
Hanging Around the Hotel
2013-11-17 17.39.46
Yellow Thai Curry
2013-11-17 17.39.51
Curry on Rice
2013-11-16 16.49.43
Pad Thai
2013-11-17 15.37.19
Craft Village at the Hotel

The biggest attraction in the Mae Sa valley is the Mae Sa Elephant Camp. The elephants there have many talents and skills that seem impossible, but are perhaps most famous for their artistic abilities. They paint amazing artwork using their trunk to hold a paintbrush! Elephant kisses are very slobbery, and they are super strong.

2013-11-17 14.49.49
Entrance to the Elephant Camp
2013-11-17 14.35.06
A Big Elephant Hug
2013-11-17 11.18.11
2013-11-17 11.59.49
"Elephant is My Heart"
2013-11-17 11.14.46-2
Slobbery Elephant Kiss
2013-11-17 12.00.46
Texting While Driving
2013-11-17 11.14.15
Double Elephant Hug
2013-11-17 11.18.16
Side Profile
2013-11-17 11.24.44-2
Lin Gets a Hug from a Baby Elephant!
2013-11-17 11.25.04
So Does James!
2013-11-17 12.12.14
Altar to Ganesha, Hindu Elephant God
2013-11-17 13.45.16
Welcome to the Elephant Show
2013-11-17 13.49.53-1
Hula-Hooping Elephant
2013-11-17 13.56.41
Elephants Playing Soccer

Watch the Elephants Playing Soccer!

2013-11-17 14.00.35
Yes, This Elephant is Painting a Picture
2013-11-17 14.07.19-2
Elephant Artwork
2013-11-17 14.12.52
An Elephant Masterpiece
2013-11-17 14.31.33
Elephants Thanking the Audience After the Show
2013-11-17 14.31.01
This Woman Was a Bit Scared to Tip the Elephant Trainers

After such a fun visit with the elephants, we decided to make a slightly more dangerous visit to the Tiger Kingdom. We got very close to some Bengal Tigers of all different sizes, as you can see.

2013-11-18 11.41.42
Just Like a Giant Kitten!
2013-11-18 11.40.29
James Pretending His Name is Sigfried (or Roy)
2013-11-18 11.44.40
Nice Kitty, Please Don't Eat Us...
2013-11-18 11.46.04
Another Sleepy Tiger
2013-11-18 11.48.29
This Cat Was Just Relaxing Over in the Corner
2013-11-18 11.49.34
Sleepy Tiger!
2013-11-18 16.26.46
Lin with Another Big Tiger...
2013-11-18 12.09.06
...and a Baby!
2013-11-18 12.09.48
Closeup of the Baby Tiger
2013-11-18 12.13.21
Another Baby, Taking a Nap
2013-11-18 16.27.29
Medium Sized Tiger (Maybe a Teenager?)
2013-11-18 16.28.09
One More...
Heading South

Our next adventures in Thailand would take place in the South, known for its many marvelous islands and pristine beaches. We left Mae Rim and Chiang Mai to go to the Krabi area. More on those stories next time…

2013-11-19 11.52.09
Leaving Town with the Whole Fam

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  2. Anne Watt Massey

    MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I loved this post…the elephants were amazing and I cannot get over the pictures of y’all lounging around with the big cats…very cool.

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