Welcome to Bangkok

Traveling from Cambodia to Thailand was very easy, just a quick 1-hour flight on Air Asia. Everything was great, except one major problem — Linley got food poisoning on our last day in Cambodia.

2013-11-12 11.53.08-1
Boarding Our Plane for Thailand
2013-11-19 16.12.56
Police Can Ride Segways Everywhere in Bangkok's Airport, Even on the Escalator
2013-11-12 16.52.22
Our Hotel, iSanook
2013-11-13 12.04.00
The View from the Roof of the Hotel
Fighting the Food Bug

Bed rest for 3 days and a trip to a Thai hospital seemed to clear everything up, but in the meantime we watched a lot of TV (luckily, the hotel had satellite!). Cupcake Wars and Dog the Bounty Hunter became favorites. Overall we were impressed with the Thai hospitals. We saw 3 different doctors, got blood tested for malaria, and a sonogram to check for a ruptured appendix — all for $80 with no insurance. The hospital cafe also cooked up a mean bowl of pork noodle soup.

2013-11-12 15.17.47
We Watched a Lot of TV, Especially Cupcake Wars and Dog the Bounty Hunter
2013-11-14 18.10.19
Linley's Appendix Appears Normal
2013-11-14 17.16.41
Hospital Cafeteria
2013-11-14 17.09.31
Pork Noodle Soup
Other Bits of Bangkok

Other than a lot of bed rest, we didn’t do too much in Bangkok. While Linley slept, James ventured out near the hotel to eat some delicious street food.

2013-11-13 13.34.39
Street Food: Pad See Ew and a Chang Beer. Yum!
2013-11-12 16.40.49
Street Food Cart

4 thoughts on “Bangkok

  1. mlo

    I didn’t read any of this post’s text at first… and when I saw Linley’s scan, I thought she was pregnant for a few seconds…

  2. haley

    Lin! Poor thing! Glad that you’re better now and are adventuring on 🙂 thanks for the updates james, these are great!