Arriving in Nara

We got off our train in Nara, dropped our stuff off at the front desk of the hotel, and went straight to the famous deer park. We snapped these photos along the walk.

2013-09-29 13.14.37
Art in the Park
Nara Deer Park

Nara Park is famous for the hundreds of deer that roam around freely. The deer are revered as sacred and for hundreds of years killing one was a capital offense. The deer have become very comfortable around humans — and today you can even buy a pack of deer food for about $1.50. We immediately made friends with the deer.

2013-09-29 13.47.39-1
We Made a Friend!
2013-09-29 13.31.04
James Asks the Deer to Share Nicely
2013-09-29 13.34.54-1
Lin Wants to Deer-nap a Deer for a Pet
2013-09-29 13.52.14
This Deer Is Possibly Drunk
2013-09-29 14.19.41
Oh, Hello!
Todai-ji Temple

The Todai-ji Temple is located in the heart of Nara Park. Until 1998, it was the world’s largest wooden building and it contains an enormous 50-foot tall bronze Buddha statue.

2013-09-28 22.51.42
Exterior of the Temple
2013-09-29 14.49.03
The Daibutsu Buddha Statue
2013-09-29 14.58.09-1
Daibutsu from Another Angle
2013-09-28 22.58.16
There Were More Giant Statues in the Temple
2013-09-28 23.06.10
And Enormous Guardians
2013-09-29 15.00.22
Statue Outside the Temple

We kept walking through the park and visited a large Shinto shrine, Kasuga-taisha. It’s located at the edge of a forest and the path is lined with hundreds of stone lanterns and of course — more deer.

2013-09-29 00.45.49
This Deer Bit James on the Way to Kasuga-taisha
2013-09-29 00.47.12
Hundreds of Stone Lanterns Line the Path 

2 thoughts on “Nara

  1. Anne Watt Massey

    Oh wow…I love the deer park!!! I wish I could be there roaming around petting and feeding the deer right now. I am sorry that one bit you though, and I hope it was only a little “love bite” that didn’t really hurt. I really like those stone lanterns lining the path.

    Aunt Anne